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On-Site Mixed Concrete

On-site concrete mixing offers flexibility and precision at your doorstep. Instead of getting pre-mixed concrete delivered from far away, we bring the raw materials to your site and mix them there and then. Fresh, precise and tailored to your exact requirements.

On-site mixing avoids the problem of ordering too much concrete, which goes to waste, or too little concrete, which causes delays. Our advanced volumetric concrete trucks carry separate compartments for cement, aggregates, sand and water. This allows us to mix the precise amount of concrete you need, right on your premises.

And since the concrete is mixed on-site, it’s as fresh as it gets. This guarantees optimal workability and strength for your project.

We serve customers across the North East, Durham, Gateshead, Newcastle and Sunderland. Order in the morning to receive your concrete the very same day.

Enjoy a streamlined building process with our on-site concrete services. Reach out to the Ezimix Concrete team now for your free, no-obligation quote.

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